Shopping Cart Guru Glasgow is an experienced web design company offering the eCommerce Magento development, support and training in Glasgow. From the current maintenance contracts for developing an eCommerce website from blemish, we can help, even if you’re on Magento Community or Magento Enterprise Edition.

Our Magento development expertise

Shopping Cart Guru Glasgow has expertise and professional with just about every visible feature of Magento, from designing and developing attractive, eCommerce websites, to migrating the current eCommerce websites to the Magento platform.

While a team of web developers and designers with serious and dedicated web expertise, we are not just defined to Magento. We provide a range of eCommerce website expertise and knowledge grow up over more years, and can suggest on which platform is best for your business!

What is Magento?

Magento is the most extensively used eCommerce platforms in the globe. It is developed in PHP and uses open source code.

It was first released in 2008 by a company called Varien. In varien,the developers have designed a modular, extensible architecture which built the platform is very extensible and ultimately a very capable tool. Magento's widely use of design patterns and the best method built Magento stand out from the large crowd compared to other PHP platforms.

Accomplished the years Magento has achieved a large following from the open source community who enrich the framework and help add new features not available in the core codebase.

Magento Features

The Magento eCommerce has seen great platform and helps to vendors with huge features and benefits that used to cost a prosperity to custom built in the past. We have begun using Magento since its early days and that build up one of the very few companies that have a lot of experience with Magento.Through the great experience of working with more vendors, we have changed and customized Magento in many ways to able the company needs.

Magento eCommerce Customisations & Features

  1. ‘The Auto SEO’ makes 100% Search Engine friendly
  2. The reports based on Sales, products and customer
  3. Endless categories, products, images
  4. Easy-to-use product manager
  5. Easy-to-use bulk import option
  6. Automatic image resizing and watermarking
  7. Product image zoom
  8. Multiple images per product
  9. Stock management with made-to-order facility
  10. Add & edit pages with CMS
  11. Google Base & Google Analytics integration
  12. Website Optimizer integration
  13. Product comparisons
  14. Customer Reviews
  15. Customer order tracking
  16. Newsletter subscription
  17. Wishlist option
  18. Send to friend option
  19. Gift message option
  20. Customer group pricing rules
  21. Multi-buy Promotions
  22. Call center order creation from backend
  23. Accepts major payment processing gateways
  24. Shipping cost calculator
  25. Quick one-page checkout / guest checkout
  26. Up-sells, cross-sells, related products
  27. Sync products with Google Shopping
  28. Filtering based on price, dimensions, etc.

Incredible Magento eCommerse Services

  1. Magneto Theme Design
  2. PSD to Magnto Theme
  3. Magento Shopping Store Development
  4. Magento Extension Development
  5. Third Party Integration
  6. Hire Dedicated Magento Development
  7. Magento Migration Services


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